Neale is an Honorary Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, a UK society devoted to the maintenance and improvement of standards of design and craft in fine bookbinding. 


He has commissioned over 250 designer bindings of both miniature and full size books. 


His bindings have been exhibited at the Grolier Society in New York, the John Ryland Library in the Manchester England and the Yale Center For British Art in New Haven, Connecticut. 


A book, “The Poet of Them All”, William Shakespeare and Miniature Designer Bindings from the Collection of Neale and Margaret Albert was published by the Yale University Press, Yale 2016 .


In  2020 Neale published a miniature book,  Winter’s Tale. This year he sent copies of the unbound book to 30 designer binders , and he commissioned them to bind it for him. The results of these commissions are presented below. 

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Susan Allix bound cover:


James Brockman bound cover:


Stuart Brockman bound cover:


Lester Capon bound cover:


Deborah Evetts bound cover:


Gabrielle Fox bound cover:

Gabrielle Fox 02sm.jpg

Annette Friedrich bound cover:

Winters tale_5_Annette Friedrich-wp.jpg

Kate Holland bound cover:


Angela James bound cover:


Midori Kunikata-Cockram bound cover:

Midori 06wp.jpg

Monique Lallier bound cover:

Monique Lallier cover4sm.jpg

Roland Meuter bound cover:

More Meuter 1.jpg

Tini Miura bound cover:


Sol Rebora bound cover:


James Reid-Cunningham bound cover:

James Reid-Cunningham01sm.jpg

Rachel Ward bound cover:

Rachel Ward Sale 0323sm2.jpg