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Details about the binding by Monique Lallier:

Monique Lallier cover4sm.jpg
Monique Lallier cover7sm.jpg
Monique Lallier cover6sm.jpg

Winter’s Tale was a pleasure to bind. I chose a black goat skin as it always enhances a design and, in this case, it reflects the background of the pictures. The stems of the flowers are Kumihimo braids of different patterns, and the flowers are shaved pieces of leather. The Kumihimo stems are inlaid and the leather pieces are inlay.


The book is attached in front and in back and a yellow goat skin leather was used for the edge-to-edge doublures that also covers the spine and is visible when the book opens.


It was important to me to keep the accordian style. The book is housed in a black and red leather box with inlays of shaved leather and secured by a magnet with the title on the spine.


I am honored to be part of this group of bookbinders.

Monique Lallier cover5sm.jpg
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