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Details about the binding by Susan Allix:


This is a vibrant and happy book, filled with brilliant colour. In introducing and enclosing it I decided not to compete with the silky textures and complicated tones, but to move to a more stylised design that brought together the colours, the scattering of forms, constant movement and the inclination to smile; therefore the paper clips.

The book is bound in boards attached to either end of the concertina, so it remains itself without a hovering spine piece. The front board is black goatskin, overlaid with an inset medallion surrounded by a blue line. The circular medallion uses paper clips, embroidery, acrylic paint and brass head pins, reflecting the colours of the floral interior. The back board is plain, but both are shaped to overhang the fore edge.

The endpapers are hand coloured in wavy black ink and coloured pencil dots; doublures are textured coral leather with paper onlays; side edge colouring by pencil lines on each fold, relating more or less intensely to the cover, as the book opens.

Contained in a magenta cloth box with blue, cream and black fastening and title.

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