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Details about the binding by Lorie Sauer:


The printed concertina is mounted on to a support of a Canson Mi-Teints concertina to provide a frame for the photographs and for them to float above the support paper.


Paper tabs are fitted through the fore-edge of the double concertina and used as page turners.


Silk thread is used to sew along the inner gutter of the Canson concertina, making the book in to a codex format.


The end panels of the Canson mount are covered in spotted hand-made paper to form a pastedown.


A spine band is made from tyvek and Japanese paper and folded along the joints to the width of the text. It is glued to the outside of the Canson mount (double thickness to allow a gap to be created in the middle of the board laminations).


A closure band is made from Japanese paper/Canson. It has a ‘stop’ cut to prevent it from pulling out of the finished binding. Canson is glued to the outer layer of the mount. It is shaped to allow for the closure opening and spine band thickness.


The boards are 1mm millboard, first covered in Japanese paper, then with pierced suede. The suede has coloured paper inlays. The boards are then glued on top of the sandwich of inner layers.


The spine band and closure band are covered in a patterned Japanese paper.


The box: a four-flap box with walls secured by magnets and a drop on lid. The base and the inner lid both have pierced suede linings with coloured paper underlays. The label is recessed into the lid and printed on Japanese paper.


Book: 88mm x 76mm x 41mm

Box: 115mm x 91mm x 55mm

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