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Details about the binding by Haein Song:

Winters Tale_Haein Song_08WP.jpg
Winters Tale_Haein Song_05WP.jpg

71 x 80 x 29 mm

Full leather binding in black goatskin with 51 back-pared onlays in 26 different colours. The concertina pages contain photographs of flowers, in vibrant colours and carefully arranged in matt black background. Colours for the binding are chosen to reflect the inside, and the design of the binding comes from the arrangement of silhouetted shapes of the flowers taken from multiple pages. The walls of the box are covered in 6 different colours and the spine of the box is titled in assorted colours.

Winters Tale_Haein Song_03WP.jpg
Winters Tale_Haein Song_01WP.jpg
Winters Tale_Haein Song_07.JPG
Winters Tale_Haein Song_02WP.jpg


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