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Details about the binding by Annette Friedrich:

Winters tale_6_Annette Friedrich-wp.jpg
Winters tale_4_Annette Friedrich-wp.jpg
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Winters tale_7_Annette Friedrich-wp.jpg

Box approx. 110 x 170 mm

Book 70 x 80 x 23 mm

Covered with a wrap-around five part construction in alumn tawed goat skin with a purple edge-decoration and a magnet closure at the front. Sculpted raised forms on the front, back and the sides, covered in shades two shades of yellow goatskin and bracketed with tooled lines in silver and rose coloured pigment foil on either side. The front panel is split in half and opens in the middle with an abstract snowflake leading the way into the book. Inside, the concertina is fronted by a green suede panel, that presents the title blocked in dark pink pigment foil in its center. 

If one were to take the cross section of the book, an abstract flower shape would appear. Stretched into a three-dimensional form, it reveals the simple beauty of geometry. The gentle shifts of colour and shape let the light play on its surface, letting the day pass.

The book is housed in box lined with soft suede and covered in dark purple fabric decorated by hand by the artist.

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