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Details about the binding by Tini Miura:


I used 3 cork coasters, diameter ca 16 cm, sides clad in brown leather, earthen colors,

the circle’s surfaces, top and bottom, are covered with green felt.


The book is displayed on this circle - in a circle -on the green base,- so all the images can be seen at the same time.

To keep the pages open, they are “ pinned “ at their front edges, between colored glass pins.

Beginning and end pages are covered by thin golden/black leather, if you want to put the book back into its original box

to make it stronger.


If you choose to have an open display, which is meant to enjoy all of the flowers at the same time, I made a lotos flower

out of “silky” paper, as “ dust collector”, which sits on the book.

“ It is weightless."

According to Buddhist lore, at creation time, out of the mud a lotos flower was birthed.

This “ mother “ of all living plants is protecting your photos.

I changed the color sides for your flower book from brown ( It made sense for flowers grow out of the earth, but I really don’t like brown, ) into purple and I am much happier now.

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