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Details about the binding by Susan Hulme:

“By setting your knots and trayles you will therein find much delight”. — Parkinson


Winter’s Tale     


Photography Neale M. Albert

Piccolo Press, 2021

Bound 2023 • Susan G. Hulme, Franklin, Tennessee


Artist’s Statement:

This binding is designed to evoke an Elizabethan knot garden covered in snow on a glistening winter morning. The faceted gem stones reflect and refract the light, prismatic colors in the cold. Beneath the snowy blanket, an underworld of blooms and blossoms comes alive in the pages of “Winter's Tale”. 


Inspiration for this binding is from a knot garden at the Museum of Garden History, in Lambeth, England designed by Lady Salisbury.


Clamshell binding of Alum tawed goatskin and ivory book cloth. Debossed knot garden geometric design, with inlayed gemstones. 

90mm x 92mm x 35mm



Case binding on linen tapes. Handpressed Arches flyleaves, handsewn silk endbands.

76mm x 74mm x 20mm


Box one:

Leather box with black fabric lining, foil stamped nameplate in palladium.

105mm x 105mm x 64mm


Box two:

Handmade paper covered box, Muguet du Moulin de Lorroque, debossed with geometric knot garden design. Inside foil stamped nameplate in palladium. Silk ribbon.

128mm x 128mm x 81mm

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