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Details about the binding by Gabrielle Fox:

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The internal structure is made with layers of black Japanese moriki Kozo handmade, kyoseihi crinkled momi paper, chirimen crepe and cloth. The head of the book is gilded. The binding or wrap is covered in hydrangea goatskin with inlays of various leathers, gold and blind tooling with a magnetic clasp. The black background screen is attached to the text accordian at intervals with a 4-panel hinge in semi shy hinge in sekishu mare paper.

The smaller brass hand tool was engraved by Brian Biedler in Bloomington, Indiana. 

The interior displays the images against a black backdrop of various textures and the binding celebrated in color. 

The book is presented inside a blue cloth box with a gold stamped leather label. 

Gabrielle Fox 04sm.jpg
Gabrielle Fox 08sm.jpg
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