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Details about the binding by Paul C. Delarue:

Small books are always rather fiddly and quite difficult to come up with artistic answers so that they make beautiful bindings. This was such a book. I decided to sew the book on coloured threads in keeping with the beautiful coloured photographs, I then had to put nice handmade end papers and then I came to the more difficult part of a suitable design that will carry the book off. I covered the book in different coloured green goatskin, Tudor Style, and then added coloured flowers with gold tooling, and a little fence holding everything together. The coloured leather I used for the little flowers are biscuit colour, yellow, crimson, and purple and brown for the fence. I first lined the spine with leather so that it will open nicely. I then made an up and over box using grainy green book cloth and then I set upon titling it 'Winter's Tale' in gold with a bird flying away. The inside of the box is lined with suede which holds the book nicely together.

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