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Details about the binding by Deborah Evetts :


To bind a concertina book was for me a new venture. It seemed important to allow the book to be opened-out fully, as it was originally intended to be viewed.  With this in mind, two boards that would attach to the front and back, were covered in leather and work on the design began.


A week or two later a new concept suggested itself. Namely, a conventional full-leather binding with a flat spine, but using a thin inner board attached to the rear end-leaf. Magnets would be embedded in the outer corners, that would attach to corresponding magnets in the outer corners of the back-cover. Thus the book could function as a normal book, or as originally intended.


Construction was progressing well, when the question arose of how to lever the magnets open. The inner and outer boards fitted snugly together and required a thumb-nail to prise them apart. What was needed was a small “edge” on the inner board, just large enough to exert extra pressure. Mulling this over while sewing on a button, provided the eureka moment. A small, mother-of-pearl button with a slightly smoky finish, was the perfect size and colour. Sewn and glued onto the edge of the inner board, it sits in a recess on the fore-edge of the back-board, and works perfectly.


The design, on the full dark-green leather binding, incorporates five onlays, gold tooled flowers and two kinds of dots, with the title lettered on one of the onlays. The box is covered in dyed airplane linen, with the same gold-tooled paste-paper for the sides and interior lining, that were used for the end-papers of the book.

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