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Details about the binding by Rachel Ward:

Rachel Ward Sale 0321sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0328sm.jpg

80 x 70 x 35mm


Printed in a concertina format with colour photographs of arranged flowers.

Bound with three overlapping boards, covered in fair calf, airbrushed with green and brown acrylic inks over pressed ferns. The lining is green Japanese paper airbrushed in dark green over ferns and the binding is fastened with a wooden peg.

The book is contained in a brown leather drawer box with the title blind tooled on the front and a wooden peg pull. Tree shaped leather covered panels on top protect and secure the book. The leather edged slip case is covered with the same airbrushed paper as the book linings.

My design reflects the title with images of ferns and trees in autumn and winter colours.

Rachel Ward Sale 0324sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0317sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0318sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0319sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0331sm.jpg
Rachel Ward Sale 0322sm.jpg
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