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Details about the binding by Paul Johnson:

The book is presented in a series of enclosures.  Its slipcase is, in 
effect, a container and this is inside a plant germination box, which 
is inside a hot house. The overall appearance is that of a medieval 
reliquary, a jewelled casket holding the relics of saints. But here it 
is conceived as a garden of radiant flower forms reflecting the 
astonishingly delicate and minutely accurate photographs ‘hidden’ 
inside the book. Inspired by these tiny photographic masterpieces my 
approach was decorative; to use flower forms as the subject of visual 
contemplation; an exploration of colour and fine paper cutting 
contrasting with the grey geometry of the hot house construction.

Waterford watercolour paper, dyed with industrial textile dyes, with 
pen and ink work and overlays of gold leaf.

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