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Details about the binding by Ann Tout:


As I opened Neale’s miniature book, I was struck by the jewel like colours of his flowers that were set against a velvety black.  I wanted to incorporate this beauty into my design.  To capture the delicacy of the flowers I used watercolours under transparent vellum.  These flowers were picked from my garden.  Then goatskin was chosen for the leaves to give a contrasting texture, adding a subtle tactile quality.

The book is rounded with a coloured top edge.


Bound in natural goatskin with a central inlayed panel of heavily grained shiny black leather (on the front and back boards).  Onlays of leaves in differing shades of green travel across the boards and spine.


For a Shakespearian touch the inner slipcase is covered with watercolour stencilled leaves creating a tapestry of greens. The outer slipcase is of transparent vellum and is titled in a 16th century script.

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