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Details about the binding by Samuel Feinstein


I wanted to explore elements of experience and loss in the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as finding things of beauty within the chaos of the world to help get through the dark times. In the simple, small act of sharing a small thing of beauty with loved ones, we find connection during a time where people felt so disconnected. The tilted aspect of the design is both influenced by how the pandemic left us on uneasy ground, as well as referencing the number of cases increasing.

I like the idea of the photographs of flowers as pillars of what helps us get through together, and the autumnal color scheme is a hopeful sense of getting through to the next season.

08 winters tale.jpg
02 winters tale.jpg

Binding Description:

Full French technique fine binding on stubs, used as compensation, with pockets made up into the end-sections for the first and last leaves to slide in and out of, allowing for temporary removal of the text block to experience it as an accordion. The binding has double core “randomized” headbands, was covered in black goatskin, with black leather hinges, surface gilt then lacquered leather doublures, flyleaves of colored Japanese tissue built up and sanded down and gilt, tooled with 23.5k gold leaf, orange leather onlay, and inlaid textured and gilt urushi lacquer panels, housed in a matching quarter leather rounded-spine clamshell box.

06 winters tale.jpg
03 winters tale.jpg
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